E008: Put “Human” Back into Human Resources with Mary Schaefer

My guest for Episode 008 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons show is Mary  Schaefer.  Mary discusses strategies to address the fact that (according to Gallup data) 70% o f people at work are disengaged.



Download Mary’s awesome resource, 10 Ways to Survive Your Current Job

About Mary
I started my career in HR on my family farm when I was about 14 years old. My father was the lucky recipient of all kinds of unsolicited advice on labor relations, performance management, and talent development. I didn’t know what HR was then, but looking back I realized I was developing the foundation for my approach today.

As a youngster I quickly realized that when I lagged, it affected how quickly we got our work done, and how quickly our employees would happily be on their ways home. My impact on ROI was clear to me. This understanding still serves me.

In my corporate career I started out as a computer programmer. Computers were so new at work in the 80’s. I really liked helping people feel confident as quickly as possible, when they were worried about looking stupid or breaking the machine.

I decided the best place to help people this way was to go into human resources. Even before I got my first HR assignment I found people came to me for help with:

• Discussing their performance appraisals.
• Maneuvering office politics.
• Preparing for and navigating difficult conversations.
• Improving their chances of getting promoted.
• Posting for new assignments.

I concluded my 20-year corporate career as an HR manager serving a constituency of over 550 employees. I keep up with my former cohorts, and of course my clients help me keep my coaching and training grounded in the reality of the workplace.

Now, today, I’m here for you. Whether I’m acting as a coach, trainer, facilitator, speaker or consultant, and HR professional, I believe my job is to make your job easier. To help you handle the tough stuff. To be better at your job. To help you make sure the boss knows you are doing a stellar job.

I invite you to contact me to learn how we can start working together to help your organization and the human beings who happen to be employees, both thrive.

Learn more about how we can work together here.

Advice for Contacting Mary
I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me through my website.
If you are a manager with employees or an aspiring manager, especially if you work in engineering, science or IT, I can help you to:
• Unearth what motivates that employee you can’t quite figure out.
• Respond effortlessly to that curve your employee just threw you.
• Stop dreading delivering performance feedback.
• Prevent misunderstandings while heads are cool.
• Put mechanisms in place to keep you and your employees on track.
If you are an employee, particularly if you are an engineer, scientist, or computer professional, I can help you learn to:
• Clearly show the value you bring.
• Get your boss to take your ideas seriously.
• Distinguish yourself as someone who is reliable and who delivers.
• Make sure your everyday actions and decisions align with business priorities.
• Manage difficult discussions with team members or work through office politics
Also, I send out an email 2-4 times a month with tips for making work life easier… regarding leadership, professional development, communicating with others, and managing change.  Read a recent guest blog by Mary.

Watch Mary at a TEDx talk (Wilmington)

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