E039: Learn the Way that Success Works with Joan Posivy

Episode 039 of the Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons show features my guest Joan Posivy, bestselling author and law-of-attraction expert.

The overall mantra of this show is:
You can have do or be anything you want in your life.

The specific mantras from the show are as follows:
1. Dream big- set 100 goals and prioritize the top five
2. Take action- are your activities moving you towards your goals?
3. Your perception shapes your reality
4. We need to be planting seeds (our goals), nurturing them and be patient

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Joan’s story:
In my youth, I was extremely fortunate to meet someone who (despite my objections) convinced me that I could have, do, or be anything I truly desired. Needless to say, he got my attention. It wasn’t because I was anyone special or out of the ordinary. This, he told me, applied to everyone. If I was willing to put in the time to study, learn, and apply what I was learning, he said, I would certainly see wonderful results. As it turns out, he was right.

The more I studied the mind, human potential, and personal development, the more I came to believe that what my mentor had been telling me all along was indeed true. Through applying those lessons, I bought my first house at the age of 19 and was appointed branch manager of a financial institution by the age of 22… at the time, the youngest person in Canada to ever have done so. I discovered to my complete joy and amazement that what I was learning and then applying….was working!

I learned a great deal being involved in the financial industry, but my heart began pulling me towards building a life as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Just a few years later (after passing up another promotion), I quit my job to follow my heart, and as I continued to study these principles of success, my businesses became dynamic opportunities to test and fine tune these ideas. It didn’t take long before I formed my training company – Programs for Peak Performance. And that was 25 years ago.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to have taught extensively throughout North America and in a number of countries around the globe on setting, pursuing and achieving goals. One of my very favourite speaking engagements over that time — for the last 19 years, in fact — has been at the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) camp for young adults. I see an incredible amount of talent and potential in each one of them, and more importantly, I want to be sure they see this in themselves.

Imagine if you (and every other young adult around the globe) could see within yourself an abundance of positive possibility? Imagine if you had the motivation and confidence to express that possibility? Making this a reality has become my personal mission… and it’s what led to the development of the Global Youth Project. We’re here to inspire, enliven, educate, and empower you… guiding you on a path to becoming the courageous, confident, goal achiever I know you can be!  Read more about Joan.

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