Holiday Cookies (Elena Cookies)

These cookies are named after my daughter, who has been helping us to make them since she was about 9 months old.

They are a “sweet treat” (not necessarily nutritious), but they are certainly better than cookies you’d buy in a package!

I’m posting this recipe as so many people asked us over the holidays if we would share this recipe.  Here you go!

Ingredients (for Cookies):
-4 sticks of butter
-2 cups of sugar
-2 tsp baking soda
-1 tsp salt
-5 cups flour
-1 TBS plus 1 tsp cream of tartar
-4 eggs
-2 tsp vanilla

Ingredients (for Frosting): 
(you can make half of this quantity and still have plenty to cover the cookies); we make in large batches and freeze:
-2 sticks butter
-3.5 cups powdered sugar
~3 TBS cream
-2 tsp vanilla

Mix the cookie ingredients and bake at 350 degrees (either cookies on pans or in two buttered Pyrex dishes (9×12) for about 10 minutes—less for cookies.  Just cook until they are starting to brown.  Don’t over-bake!  Once the cookies have cooled, mix the frosting ingredients and spread the frosting on the cookies.  This recipe makes A LOT of cookies and frosting—plenty to share with friends and family!


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