Fresh almond milk

Homemade almond milk is healthier than many store-bought options and it is easy to make. This is a great recipe for your Vitamix.


1 cup soaked raw organic almonds

4-6 cups water

To sweeten:  Soaked date (optional: small amount of raw honey)


Soak the almonds overnight. Soak the date in a separate bowl.

Add the soaked almonds to your Vitamix and add water until it is the desired consistency.  Sweeten slowly (start with the date; I use honey only occasionally as it is very sweet). 

Pour the mixtures through a screen  – the liquid is your almond milk.

And there is a use for the pulp!  You can dehydrate it and make it into almond flour (you put it back in the Vitamix).

Just an extra tip I learned from my cooking class!

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