Greek Turkey Burger

Some of you asked me after a recent post if we have any issues with red meat (especially since Nutrition Action has issued warnings against over-consumption of red meat).  We always look for the delicious grass-fed and organic beef, which I think of as an entirely different food than the non-organic, corn feed beef often harvested from sick and over-crowded cows.  We of course mix things up all the time with other animal protein sources including game, poultry, and fish.  In the summertime, it is great to have a nice turkey burger that is a bit lighter than a regular beef burger, yet still tastes great.  Here is an easy recipe:

-1 pound ground turkey
-½ cup feta cheese
-½ teaspoon oregano, dried or fresh
-½ teaspoon parsley, dried or fresh
-¼  teaspoon garlic powder, dried
-¼ teaspoon black pepper
*If you don’t have all of these spices on hand, an Italian blend works well.

Optional:  bun (gluten-free or whole wheat)
Garnish with spinach, white onion, cucumbers, tomato, and cheese, if desired (Monterey Jack works well).

In a bowl, mix everything together.  You do not need to add salt due to the salt content in the feta cheese.  Grill or broil until done to perfection.


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