HOLY BALLS! Raw Chocolate Balls

A guest post/recipe from Traysiah Spring and Tom Bakken. Excerpt from their recent book, Clean Green Eating, Plant-Based to Feel Great!

This is such a quick and simple recipe, but oh so yummy! Kids of all ages love them!

Great for bringing to parties.


3 large Smyrna Figs
Bowl of very warm Water

1 cup Walnuts
2 ½ tbsp raw Cacao Powder
1 pinch of Salt
2 tbsp warm Water


Place 3 figs in a bowl of very warm water. Soak for 10 minutes. After soaking, cut off the stems. Use the warm fig soaking water for the 2 tbsp of water required for the recipe.

Put the figs and 2 tbsp of the fig water in a blender and blend together, to make a thick fig puree.

Then, in a food processor, add all dry ingredients – walnuts, cacao powder and salt. Pulse until it is lightly mixed.

Next, add the fig puree into the food processor and blend again. Blend until it creates a dough-like consistency. It tends to ball up into a large ball of “dough”. The mixture should be a thick and sticky consistency.

Spoon the mixture out of the food processor and roll into small balls, by rolling the mixture between two hands. Balls are about 1” in diameter. Put the balls on parchment paper as you are making them.

Then serve right away. Or put them into an airtight container that is lined with parchment paper. Put into the fridge, and they will last for a few days.

Enjoy these simple and yummy treats!

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