Julia’s Fall Applesauce

We visit Chicago every Fall, and I always find myself in my dear friend Julia’s kitchen.  We hang out and talk while she whips up amazing food almost effortlessly (well, that is the way it always looks to me).

On one visit, she had prepared a tenderloin for dinner that night, and her husband and son said, “we have to have the applesauce with it!”

I watched in amazement as she prepared (while she chatting with me and happily did several other things at the same time) the most delicious homemade applesauce I’ve ever had. I asked her how she did it.

Here’s the answer, straight from Julia:

“The applesauce is very easy. Peel about five apples. Granny Smith, Pippens, macintosh, honey crisps would all make good applesauce. A mix of the tarter apples with sweet golden delicious apples is good, too. Put them in a saucepan with about 1/3 cup of sugar, maybe 1/4 cup if apples are sweet or if you like it just a bit tart. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/4 cup of water and turn the heat to medium. Once the contents of the pan start to bubble, turn the heat to low and cook until you get the consistency you like. I mash them up a little bit as they are cooking, but not too much because it tastes so good chunky! If the mixture looks too dry, add a little more water. Once the apples are soft and the water has evaporated, taste to see if you need more sugar. A squeeze of lemon juice at the end is good, too, but purely optional.”u can make healthier living fun AND within your reach (for the entire family).

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