Lentil salad

If you’re looking for a protein and iron-packed salad that will leave you satisfied, try this Lentil salad.

French lentils are the green lentils, just so you know!


French lentils— cook in rice cooker with a little salt

Red wine and balsamic vinegar

Olive oil

Red onion

Lemon juice

Spinach, or whatever greens you have on hand

Tomatoes, or whatever salad ingredients you have on hand

Basil, or whatever fresh herbs you have on hand

Rinse lentils and get them nice and clean. Cook lentils in a rice cooker (you need 2 cups of water for each cup of lentils). Add a pinch or a splash of the condiments. Assemble a salad based on what you have on hand. Don’t stress the ingredient amounts. Feel free to get creative as you’re unlikely to mess up this salad.

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