Main Course Green Salad

This plate is on the dinner table almost every night at our home during the summer.  You might be thinking, “why a recipe for a salad?”, but the point is that you can create a fast, one-dish meal by simply arranging the bounty of summer on a plate along with a protein source.

Tip if you have fussy kids: Maybe your kids don’t like everything mixed together.  Keep the kids’ salads with “separate” areas for the greens, different types of veggies, and protein sources.  It might look like you’ve prepared a special kids meal for them, but they are eating what you are!  This works at my house with our seven and nine-year-olds.


– Greens (hopefully a mix from your garden), washed and chopped
– Fresh veggies, washed and chopped
– Protein source (such as hardboiled eggs, salmon, chicken, turkey, ham, or vegetarian protein source–beans, cheese, etc.)
– Salad dressing of your choice (hopefully homemade)
– Fresh herbs or fun edible flowers, optional (picture shows nasturtiums)


Wash, prep, chop your ingredients as needed and toss with dressing.

For meal prepping, simply chop your ingredients and store separately until ready to enjoy.

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