Onion cracker crisp

I was inspired to post this dehydrated cracker recipe after interviewing my friend Traysi Spring about her new book, Clean Green Eating.  I have been taking some cooking classes on raw eating, and I’ve done a few cleanses based on raw vegan eating. Homemade crackers are really simple to make and don’t require anything more than just a few basic ingredients.

Here’s the recipe I modified from one of my cooking classes:


1 large onion, sautéed

1 T olive oil

2 cups sunflower seeds (soaked)– pulse in Cuisinart*

1 cup whole flax seeds (soaked)

2 T olive oil

2 t salt

Optional:  splash of balsamic vinegar

*replace with any seeds you might prefer

Mix with hands;  dehydrate.112 degrees for 15 hours

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