Thai Soup


This recipe follows Nurture’s Recipe Framework for a Slow Cooker and can be easily modified.

Combine  in slow cooker—this makes a lot! (Great for freezing left-overs for a later day when you don't want to cook):

-1 can pinto beans (vegetarian option) or
-Meat from a rotisserie chicken

-1 large bunch of bok choy, washed and roughly chopped
-1 medium yellow onion
-1 pound mushrooms of any choice (wild mushrooms are amazing), washed and sliced
-1 bag (16 oz) frozen broccoli, or use fresh
-1 bell pepper (yellow, orange or red), washed, de-seeded and chopped
-1/2 pound of carrots, peeled and sliced
-2 leeks, washed and chopped

-1 TBS coconut oil
2 TBS lime juice
-2 tsp red curry paste
-1 teaspoon each of ground coriander and cardamom

-3 32 boxes veggie broth (vegetarian option) or
-broth made from the bones of your chicken (my personal fav option

-2 cans (14 oz) coconut milk

Cook in slow cooker* on high for 4-6 hours or on low for 8-10 hours.

Noodles, if using:  cook according to package.  Drain and mix noodles into soup prior to serving, or add separately to each bowl.

Garnish with green onions, cilantro and/or basil.  Enjoy!

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