No, that is not a typo.

“Water” + “Juice” (from a whole fruit)= “Wuice”.

As the weather gets warmer, don’t forget to hydrate with the #1 better beverage: Water!

This recipe is so easy and versatile.  Yup, just two ingredients in it's most simple form.

-A small amount of juice or fruit/veggies of any variety (lemon, lime, orange slices, berries—the options are limitless!)

Kids might find this recipe name entertaining, and we encourage you to make the most of their interest by having them choose the “juice” part.

The key is to limit the amount of juice in your recipe.

The most recent nutritional guidelines recommend no more than 1 cup of juice per day.

So maybe you can spread that cup out by diluting with lots of water. Or just add chunks of the “juice” part in the form of a:

-sliced cucumber
-few berries or grapes (you can freeze them for extra fun)
-chunk of watermelon
-section of an orange or apple
-wedge of lemon or lime

Directions:  Add ingredients and allow a bit of time for the flavors to “infuse”.  Enjoy!

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