Reclaim Your Health and Energy (Interview on The Visionary Woman)

I had a wonderful time talking to the lovely Charmaine Carraway on The Visionary Woman radio show.

This interview was conducted around the season of the New Year, but the advice shared is applicable anytime you’d like to increase your level of happiness and productivity.

For starters, I suggest you Clear out the clutter any time you are in need of a fresh start and space for maximum creativity.

To increase energy levels, we got into some specific advice related to my work as a Certified Nutritional Counselor.

Here is a summary of the three tips specific to nutrition that I provide during the interview.

Tip #1: Have a plan for your day when it comes to meals and snacks. Why? Because willpower is a limited resource, and when you follow a plan instead of scrambling at the last minute, you avoid using up the limited reserves of willpower that can easily run out by the end of a long day. I recommend a resource called the LUNCH MATRIX created by my dear friend Juliette Britton, RD that makes planning and/or packing your lunch (and your kids’ lunches) soooo easy.

I want to note that Juliette is a rock star mom with three kids under the age of five, so she knows what it feels like to be busy yet wanting to provide the best nutrition for your family.

You can see a snap shot of the resource to the left, and you can have it delivered right to your inbox as a PDF!

Tip #2: Understand how to manage our potential addictions to sugar.  You can read more about how I view sugar as an  addictive drug (especially for kids) here.

Too much sugar leads to weight gain (I explain in the interview that it actually causes hunger) and can lead to such complications as Type 2 diabetes.

If you would like to learn more about Type 2 diabetes and how you can reverse it, you might find this interview with diabetes expert Denise Pancrynz helpful and inspirational.

When it comes to diabetes and managing blood sugar levels, I mention in the interview to beware of “The White Hazards” such as bagels, white bread, crackers, cakes and cookies.

Tip #3:  Make friends with fat.

I talk with Charmaine in the interview about how fat helps us to feel full, so it is actually an essential to managing a healthy weight.

Fat is also essential for a healthy brain, eyes, skin and hair. Of course when I speak about making friends with fat, I mean the “good fats” found in olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds and fish.

The show’s motto is ​“I am You, You are Me, and We are Visionary Women!”

The giveaway that I offered during the interview (Six Steps to Your Amazing Year) can be found here.

Listen to my interview with Charmaine:

About Charmaine Carraway

This multi-talented Entrepreneur, Writer, Talk Show Host & Motivational Speaker, knowing her calling to aid women to meet their needs, changed the perception of success she so desired. Charmaine’s understanding of success came by way of great achievements and failures, and her willingness to try again and win! After many years as a successful entrepreneur, Charmaine came to the realization that destiny living was the goal, and monetary joy came to those who lived out their life’s work. Charmaine, having done the hard internal work of removing what is no longer working & replace it with new insight, has become an example for internal success bringing external achievement. As a writer for the prestigious Huffington Post and press buzz written in Authority Presswire, Small Business Trendsetter, Money, Digital Journal, The Network Journal, Charmaine Carraway has built a lasting reputation of empowering and uplifting women to see themselves in their greatest light. If asked what your greatest accomplishment is? Charmaine Carraway would say, “My greatest accomplishment is best seen through my relationship with my loving husband and four children. “My desire is to see all women in love with themselves. Cherished by themselves & Valued by themselves. – Charmaine Carraway

About The Visionary Woman Show
This show aims to bridge the gap among women desiring their purpose, with the world’s greatest minds, achievers and believers of women’s progress.

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