Unleash Your Inner Super Hero and Overcome Fear

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 3.47.15 PMOver the years I have given many, many talks about numerous topics, but when I'm speaking about personal growth and human potential, the topic of overcoming fear almost always comes up.

At the 2017 Sun Valley Wellness Festival, I talked about how to unleash your own inner superhero.

I told stories chosen by the audience (yes, they were able to co-create the talk with me), and I asked everyone in the audience to think about something that they were afraid of (yet wanted to do).

I then promised to offer some nudges to get past that fear and take action. I, of course, kept everyone's confidentiality intact, so there are no names listed below.  But see if you can find your “I would like to” on the list below.  For each desire, I've tried to provide a resource that I hope will help you.

I really tried to focus on FREE resources, but in some cases, I found that a little investment is probably worth it (a $19 course on music composition? Cool!). In some cases desires were similar, so I grouped them to create a manageable list.  After all, I don't want this list to be overwhelming to you! Enjoy, and have fun.  The joy is in the journey.

I want to write music, so I will be open to checking out an online course (I found this one for only $19 on Udemy)

I want to travel the world, so I will be open to listening to a few Zero to Travel podcasts for some inspiration

I want to write a book, so I will join Jane Friedman' free email list (click here and wait for the popup; Electric Speed has awesome info); Jane Friedman is the way I got started with my own writing

I want to write a children's book, so I will reach out to Kathryn and ask her how she went about getting Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow published (and winning five awards already!)

I want to flip a house, so I will be open to listening to a few HouseFlippingHQ podcasts for some tips and techniques

I want to embrace my artistic side, so I will be open to reading Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert (my own favorite book on creativity)– or I will watch some free videos about the book including this one on YouTube.

I want to create a photo book, so I will check out BookBaby.  I could also ask Kathryn for an introduction to her friends at the high-end printer Thomson Shore.

I want to expand my business, so I will be open to listening to some EOFire (Entrepreneur on Fire) podcasts

I want to expand my consciousness/be better to myself and others, so I will be open to reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams by Deepak Chopra

I want to start a wellness program outside of the US, so I will ask Kathryn for an introduction to Cathleen Miller (who does energy retreats) to see if there is a possibility to collaborate

I want to be a better skier, so I will look into joining a gender-specific ski clinic this winter or also perhaps reading Inner Skiing: Revised Edition

I want to be an Orangutan sitter/rehabilitator (this particular desire was hard to group with any others, so the resources are quite specific), so I will check out Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program discussed in this article/podcast from NPR as well as listen to this Orangutan Outreach podcast

I hope the above is of great help to you.  On a parting note, for now, I'll leave you with this WONDERFUL image of a baby polar bear born in a zoo who found a friend (and a hug).  Go find a friend and give them a hug today.   Thank you!


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