The Importance of Rest and Reflection

I have always been a fan of resting, reflecting, and simply having FUN.

I think we need to do these activities (or better said, just “be”) to revitalize ourselves for the challenges to come.

If we don’t, we’ll simply run out of fuel.  We end up feeling burned out.

Might that resonate with you?

Here is what our intern at Nurture, Radka, has to say about taking the time to rest and reflect.

Guest post written by Radka Pribyl Pierdinock 

One lesson that I learned in 2020 is the importance of reflection. 

Growing up, we learned that success equates with work. Because of this, a common perception is that working long hours will make us more successful. However, having been quarantined for almost a year now, I have learned that just as it is important to work hard, it is important to allow for our brains to rest. 

Our brains are like toy cars – eventually, we run out of batteries. Having time for reflection and rest is OKAY. In fact, it is necessary. Reflection gives us the time to acknowledge and celebrate all that we have learned when our gears have been continuously running. Our brains are truly masters at safely storing information away, but it is a lot easier for our brains to learn when we fully process everything we have encountered.

Therefore, with this blog post, I hope to reflect, share, and most importantly celebrate the things that Nurture has accomplished in the past year. Nurture founder Kathryn Guylay has had many delightful conversations on podcasts, radio shows, and video chats, where she has shared her insights about healthy living. 

In a recent video chat with Dr. Khanna, Gary Scarano, and Willie, Kathryn discussed that it is important to understand that with a little bit of prepping time in the kitchen, proper nutrients can be served on any table no matter the income of the family. Kathryn taught low-income families in Chicago that by baking a butternut squash in their oven with a little bit of olive oil, they could make 14x the amount of baby food out of butternut squash than buying, with the same amount of money, canned baby food from the store.

Another critical message to reflect on is that it is essential to incorporate fun activities in our lives that bring us joy. With everyone being so isolated, Google searches for depression have gone up 900% since March of 2020. Making sure to integrate a daily activity that you consider fun can help you face the challenges ahead. 

I recommend that you mindfully reflect on what you have learned and achieved before you go to bed, and anytime you have a free moment in your day.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2021!

Here are some resources to reflect on all that Nurture has accomplished:

Video chat with Dr. K, Dr. Khanna, Gary Sacrano, and Willie

Kathryn Guylay on the Giving Back Podcast

Kathryn Guylay on Health Professionals Radio 

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