Say Yes to Success this 2022

I’m so excited to share with you resources from a dear friend and colleague, Debra Poneman.

Debra has been considered an icon in transformational leadership since she offered her first Yes to Success seminar in 1981.

Although her students have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs, New York Times bestselling authors, millionaires, occasional billionaires, and even household names, she has always taught that true success is about living with deep inner happiness, knowing your purpose for being here, and contributing to making the world a better place for all.

Here are some resources from her for you to check out: 

1. Free Ebook

In these challenging times, it’s hard for many people to even let themselves imagine creating a prosperous, successful life.

But I believe there’s no better time to create success and a life you truly love than right now!

You’ll learn how to create that success in Debra’s powerful ebook, Five Secrets to a Life of True and Lasting Success.

Debra studied the works of the great masters of success and prosperity from the last 100 years and had an epiphany… She realized she was looking for success in all the wrong places!

In her e-book, she shares what she discovered and offers a new paradigm of success and the steps to achieve it.

Get your free copy now.

2. Free Success Creation Blueprint

This blueprint contains Debra’s top 10 tips for creating personal and professional success that has already been used by tens, if not hundreds of thousands around the globe.

In this Success Creation Blueprint, she shares…

  • What living with integrity really means and why it matters
  • How to create a foundation for your life that will help you be unshakable even when the world is shaking
  • Why magic happens when you decide to take 100% responsibility for your life
  • A new angle on the importance of mindset to manifest your dreams
  • Why gratefulness pays off in big ways—especially if you can be grateful for those things that don’t appear “good” in your life

Download the blueprint here.

3. Free Global Event

Would you like to hear what some of the most respected names in transformational leadership, wealth creation, relationships, health, and happiness have to say about creating success at this time?

Then you will want to attend the Living a New Paradigm of Success event on Saturday, March 5th at  9 am Pacific time. 

11 experts will enlighten us on what they believe the world will look like in our future and how we can prepare ourselves to enjoy personal and professional success (and even love) while embracing the reality of our changing times.

You will be blown away by the powerful (out-of-the-box) insights from amazing thought leaders like José Hernandez, Marianne Williamson, Janet Attwood, Katherine Woodward Thomas, John Newton, and many more.

Register here.

4. Free Masterclass: The 7 Keys to Break Through Limits and Live Your Ultimate Life

In this powerful webinar, Debra will give you the tools to live the kind of success where…

  • You wake up in the morning with a fire in your belly and excitement in your heart
  • You’re guided at every moment by an inner voice as to how you can make a difference
  • You harness the power of the Universe so that your life is an effortless flow
  • You have absolute clarity about when to stay the course and when to let go
  • You know how to spontaneously tap Into the Universal flow of grace to effortlessly manifest your dreams
  • You experience deep, unshakeable inner silence so that you can be a lighthouse for others in the midst of chaos.
  • And most importantly, when you look in the mirror, you love the person who’s looking back at you.

Register here.

Here’s to a successful 2022!

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