The Science Behind the Wonder Woman Pose

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.21.58 AMYes I know I've asking rooms of people over the last several months to stand up, put their hands on their hips, assume a strong and wide-legged pose and feel like Wonder Woman.  I'm trying to get you to gain access to your own personal power!

If you STILL have not seen Amy Cuddy's TED Talk (Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are), watch it now:

I am super excited about Amy Cuddy's new book, which I just ordered!

I have also given many talks about goal setting and achievement in the past several weeks.  Because I am on a mission to help others, please Contact Me to enroll in my FREE on-line goal setting program which will begin this month.  It will be a three part online video/audio program that will help you to set goals for the new year that you can actually achieve!

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