The Secret Formula of Manifestations

Would you like to set some powerful intentions?

A few don’ts:

Never use “I want” or “I need” in your affirmations.  Your affirmations should be in the present tense and filled with energy.

Never use the negative, e.g.: “I don’t want to be broke”

Don’t use words that invoke the past: “I want to be healthier”; “I want a new beginning”…

An important DO:  Write it in a way that lights up your soul.

Here’s the secret formula for creating an affirmation:  

Start with “I am….”


The possibilities for how you finish the sentence are endless.

I am powerful
I am healthy
I am loved
I am balanced
I am alive
I am full of joy

What about… GOD FORBID… “I am selfish”.  (Hey, for those of us that would really like to manifest more income and money!). Here’s the suggestion”  How about being “I am self-full”.

You deserve to have what you want. So that you can share with others.  Share from a place of being full, where you just can’t help from sharing with others.

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