A Soulful Group of Women Gather- Free Gifts to Follow Up!

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 12.04.39 PMI was so honored to be the inaugural speaker for a group of women brought together by Pam Colesworthy.  The idea?  To join together over snacks, build community, and discuss how to be the best versions of ourselves. Here are just a few of the topics that were brought up (via drawing topics from a hat…using the law of attraction!).

Overcome Fear with love.  Everyone will love Mantra #6 (Throw Yourself Down the Mountain).  Please be in touch as you read your gift book! 🙂

The Losada Line.  Read more about the science behind better team building and communication.

Women stepping into their power.  We talked about the science behind the brain/body connection, well documented in the latest book by Amy Cuddy.  Women need to not be afraid to walk big, take up more space (think super woman!) and assume powerful body language.  Men are already using posturing to gain power– probably one of the best examples is the “Haka” that the New Zealand Rugby team does prior to a game.  Check it out:

Smile power.  Read this post about how smiling begets success.

Another free gift:  My favorite e-cookbook.

Eat a Rainbow. Yes, it’s my new book project, and I’m doing a Kickstarter to help bring it to life.  The easiest way to explain is this short video:

Kickstarter is a fundraising mechanism that builds a community and market around a product launch.  “Rewards” are given for various levels of participation/money given. A Kickstarter campaign is a “make the goal, or don’t get funded at all” proposition that puts the entrepreneur (in this case Alexander and me) on the hook to bring a project to fulfillment and spend the money on bringing a new product to market.  As you can see from the video, our product is a full color children’s book (which has high printing costs).  We are using a kickstarter campaign to see if there is sufficient interest from the market to warrant spending the printing costs.  We are already at 50% of goal, but we need your help on the home stretch! Here’s some steps you can take to help if you’d like:

*Know anyone that has kids that might enjoy the book?  Have a favorite library, church group, temple group, school, after school program or place where kids convene?  Buy a book for them/that group as one of the rewards.

*Tell your friends/groups about this book. The reason why we are doing this campaign is to test the market interest for this kind of book. Everyone has their own network which can build a much greater community.  Please spread the word for us.  We have already put in many months of time into this project, and we’d like to see it come to life.

*Stay in touch. The kickstarter will be live through June 1, and we will be updating everyone on our progress on the book including feedback from beta readers.  We’ll know if the project is a “go” by June 1st, and then the printing will begin. The tentative publication date is July 26. All backers get updates via the Kickstarter platform. Here’s the link to the campaign.

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