Spread Gratitude and Loving Kindness

Expressing gratitude and loving-kindness is more important than ever.

We at Nurture created this video which is all about gratitude.

The kids express gratitude for the lessons and learning they’ve received.

The teachers express gratitude for the kids embracing new eating habits that support their bodies and brains.

Nurture is so thankful for the donations that make our work possible.

Please enjoy this 30-second video.

Thank you to Nurture Intern Radoslava “Radka” Pribyl Pierdinock for her creativity in putting together this fun video. 

More about Loving Kindness

Loving-kindness meditation is a great mindfulness practice to open your heart as you change your lens on life. Focus on your heart space. Notice what you notice, then, starting at your core, go through this outward progression of good wishes.

Starting with “I” as the object, say these words:

May [object] be happy and safe.
May [object] be healthy and strong.
May [object] be peaceful no matter what is happening. May [object] be free from suffering.

Move outward. Make the next object your family.

Continue to move outward. The object can be your entire community of colleagues or your neighborhood, for example.

Take a moment to include a person who is giving you trouble. Yes, maybe even an “enemy” or just a really tough personality in your life. That person becomes the object of your good juju. This one is tough, I know.

Continue to move outward. The object can become your state or nation. Ultimately, you want the object to be all living creatures, planet Earth, or infinite space.

Now, how’s your heart space? Notice what you notice. This is a basic structure that you can modify.

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