Don’t Be a Squirrel-Commit to a Wellness Plan

I had a great time talking with Joel and Marianne at Preferred Company radio about my first book Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes.

We talked about how we need to get past all the confusing advice about nutrition that keeps changing our minds:

High carb?  Low carb.
Low fat?  High fat.
No to eggs? Yes to eggs.

With all this confusing advice, we are like squirrels changing our minds, and unless we can commit— we will all go splat!

Learn how you can COMMIT to a wellness plan through Mantra #6 (grab the full set of Mantras below, see downloadable PDF).


Here are the six “mountain mantras” for success in wellness and in life:

#1: Change Your Lens On Life (stay positive)
#2: Get some good boots on (lay your foundation with education and expertise)
#3: Zoom Out for the Best View (set a vision for your life)
#4: Plant Your Poles, Set Your Goals (create goals so that you can achieve your vision)
#5: Embrace the Yard Sale (Learn from Mistakes)
#6: Throw Yourself Down the Mountain (engage fully in whatever you are doing in the present moment)

The FULL book as a free download, which I truly hope you enjoy.


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