Stop the SAD: Be Glad (with Sharkie Zartman)

I was thrilled to appear on Sharkie’s Pep talk to discuss how we can create a better and healthier world. Sharkie is such an inspiration!

Here’s a shocking statistic that I’ve been repeating over and over during the past twenty years (when my first child was born):

One out of three children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes if they eat the Standard American Diet (SAD).

That is sad.

And it made me mad.

As I discussed with Sharkie, sometimes the “sad/mad” can be part of the fuel to create change.  It is what led me to start my non-profit, Nurture, where we visit schools and teach all about nutrition and how kids (and families) can start making healthy changes to their diet.  Our goal is to promote healthy life-long habits.

We give families rice cookers and slow cookers to help them save time and make it easy to prepare healthy meals. We focus first on low-income families; they are the ones that studies show are disproportionately affected by the nutritional disease.

I know it’s not easy, and parents need the support they can get. I know people don’t always have enough money to afford good food or don’t know how to prepare them, and that’s why people have been eating more processed food. 

Sharkie and I discussed some of the other fun resources that you can enjoy from your home through digital access.

Try some fun and easy recipes from my recipe book, A Dozen Recipes for Family Fun. This will help you kickstart your family’s journey to fun and healthier mealtimes!

You can also check out my recipes tab on my website for a selection of meals that your whole family can enjoy. 

Have a look through our Nurture reference guide, which contains a ton of information on Nurture whole foods (healthy foods that you can purchase on a budget), cooking equipment, nutrition information, and shopping tips, so you and your family can live healthier lives – even on a budget! 

I hope these resources are helpful to you and that you’ll share them with others.

Thank you to Sharkie for hosting me on her show so that we can continue to spread the word about healthy living. And don’t be SAD- be GLAD!


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