Tap into Consciousness to Create Harmony

What is consciousness?

This is not an easy question to answer. I look to Quantum physics for clues (which can be somewhat mindblowing). Here we go.

According to a Quantum theory, our consciousness exists not within the three-dimensional view of reality, but as its own self-aware energy-information system that we can tap into. In other words, we can tap into consciousness almost like tuning into a radio signal. We experience this “radio station” as thoughts, feelings, and mental images. 

If consciousness is a form of information that we can tap into, like a radio station, we can “turn the station” and impact how we experience our own reality. This ability to choose is empowering! Dr. Amit Goswami provides an optimistic view of how we can determine our destiny. Here is a quote from Dr. Goswami:

Look at how wonderfully synchronistic the movement of consciousness is. At the same time that we have developed Quantum physics and the idea of nonlocal Quantum communication, we have the Internet, which is a local device by which we can connect as many people as we want. The local interaction gives us the capacity for nonlocal communication and nonlocal transformation. That will produce changes in our brains and consequent changes in the morphogenetic field, also nonlocal. These nonlocal changes are outside of space and time, so anyone in the future can benefit from the changes.

The new science also gives us a new theory of evolution…and that will bring optimism back.” (Goswami, 2014).

The principle of nonlocality opens up possibilities for us to transform and grow way beyond the boundaries we may view as being in place (our current network, education, location, etc.). In a basic sense, Consciousness is a form of broad connection.

How do we Create Harmony and Abundance through Consciousness?

If consciousness has to do with broad connection, think of the many ways that we connect with others to listen and learn. I am often amazed by how the universe lines up the most synergistic guests for my podcast. As related to harmony and abundance, I felt a deep resonance to three recent interviews with several friends from the Evolutionary Business Council. This group is all about raising consciousness to create more harmony and abundance in the world. There were many lessons from these interviews, but I’ve picked the top three main themes from episodes with Laurie Seymour, Rodolfo Carrillo, and Ben Gioia:

Lesson #1: Be curious and go with the flow.

Lesson #2:  Be open to downloads from the universe.

Lesson #3: Soften, relax, and smile.

Lesson #1: Be curious and go with the flow.

Laurie Seymour, Innovation Alchemist is an Executive Coach and Founder/CEO of The Baca Institute. Her work accelerates the time from ideation to implementation and revenue, while also opening the creator to new levels of confidence, peace, and satisfaction. Laurie applies a “quantum strategy” to bring out creation and innovation, in a grounded way, with leadership teams. 

Here are some powerful fun nuggets from our interview together: 

#1:  Creation and creativity are not linear.

#2:   The key to productivity is being connected to your inner compass. You know what to do at any given moment when you’re connected to your Inner Compass. 

#3:  Know your creative innovator style 

#4:  Recognize that your ideas do not necessarily belong to you

#5:  You may have more ideas than you can possibly work with at one time; discernment will allow you to navigate/avoid overwhelm

#6:  There are no such things as accidents

#7:  Timing is everything

#8: We are adjusting to a new normal; the time for innovation and change is now

Listen to the interview with Laurie here: https://makeeverythingfun.com/podcast/eo83-laurie-seymour/

Lesson #2: Be open to downloads from the universe. 

Rodolfo Carillo is a “Conscious Leadership Shaman” who developed the SER model (SER is the Spanish verb “To be”). Rodolfo’s purpose is to raise consciousness in the world so all beings can live in harmony and greater wellbeing.

The 5 SER model principles are:

#1:  Purpose (life is not about “me” but how I serve)

#2:  Interdependence (we all belong to a tribe)

#3:  Responsibility

#4:  Compassion

#5:  Beginner’s mindset.

Rodolfo also reminds us that creation is nonlinear (which reminds us that in the quantum physics way of looking at the world, we are made of “waves” rather than static particles). In terms of creating harmony and abundance, Rodolfo urges us to make creation FUN by opening up one’s energy to access the greater intelligence referred to by Carl Jung as the Collective Unconscious. In other words, tune into that radio station of consciousness instead of thinking that you have to come up with all the answers yourself! 

Listen to the interview with Rodolfo here: https://makeeverythingfun.com/podcast/e081/

Lesson #3: Soften, relax, and smile.

Ben Gioia is the creator of The Influence With A Heart® Method.  He has helped a Fortune 100 company shift culture, trained leaders at Stanford, and created a video game with MIT to elevate employee resilience and customer experience. 

Ben looks at consciousness, harmony, and abundance in terms of presence, positivity, and practice. Here are some tips from Ben for how you can show up as the best version of yourself in this world:

#1: Suffering is optional;  it comes from your mind.

#2: The way out of suffering is to be present.

#3: Give yourself permission to make the best choices – as the best version of yourself.

#4: Smile and share.

#5: Develop a somatic practice so that you can “know” things at a deeper, more integrated level.

Listen to the interview with Ben here:  https://makeeverythingfun.com/podcast/e077-ben-gioia/ 

Harmony and abundance, from an integrative and Quantum physics view, can be defined as a journey taken by the conscious individual to create a joy‐filled life. Are you ready for your own quantum journey into consciousness?

References and Resources:

Parts of this post were originally published on my podcast show-notes posts (for Positive on Publishing) at www.MakeEverythingFun.com.

Positive on Publishing (https://makeeverythingfun.com/positive-on-publishing-podcast/) features an author and/or aspiring author and covers lessons on writing, messaging, and publishing. Each of these episodes features “fun nuggets” that act as the key takeaways or action items for listeners.

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