Thumbs Up for Food Education

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 8.40.45 AMI had a wonderful time with the 5th grade class from Community School last week for our first session of Food and Fun.  Food and Fun is a program that Nurture Idaho has been doing for years, and it was very apparent that this group of kids has been developing into a a bunch of real foodies!

We flowed with the topics that the kid wanted to cover, covering Food is Fuel, Protein, Fiber, and naming foods to make them more interesting.

We tasted Elena's award-winning Fiesta Casserole, and Elena stopped in for a guest appearance.  By the time she got there, however, all of the food was already eaten!  Big thumbs up from the kids on the delicious flavor combination.

We discussed wanting to learn more about Ads, Sugar, and the White House Contest coming up in the next several months. The kids can peruse through this cookbook to learn strategies on how to create recipes (and also name them!).

If you are a parent interesting in helping with the program (in the classroom/at the animal shelter visit), please be in touch. Extra hands are always helpful for this program.

Thanks to Bev and Stacy for facilitating the visit!

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