Tips on the Quest for Work/Life Balance

I was honored to be featured recently in an article in the Idaho Mountain Express about a new job as the CEO of the Ketchum Innovation Center (KIC).

Why might YOU be interested?  Places like the KIC strive to offer hope to entrepreneurs and professionals who might be getting sick and tired of life in the busy cities and are looking for ways to lead a professional life even from a remote and beautiful mountain town.

As the article stated: “As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the importance of community support, networking and educational opportunities, all of which the KIC offers. I am excited to expand our services and reach in order to demonstrate the unique work/life balance that our very special community provides.”

There are other incubators and accelerators in mountain towns.  You can read more in this post about a talk I gave at the 2017 Mountain Ventures Summit in Telluride CO.

I am a big advocate for work/live balance and the possibility of freedom to get out to ski, hike, fish or get out in nature during your work day.

I also talked about geographic independence in my interview with John Lee Dumas on Entrepreneur on Fire.

More about my journey from Chicago to Sun Valley:

When our kids were quite young, we were living in Chicago and trying to juggle work and family – unsuccessfully.

I was feeling like life was in the fast lane and that I could never keep up.  Be a good mom? Make a living? Sustain great relationships? Stay healthy? Yikes.

We lived in a large but excellent school district; parents had high expectations of their kids, and kids were under constant pressure to get ahead.  Competition started when the kids were toddlers, with parents signing their kids up for private golf coaches in the hopes that they would make the team in high school. Of course, all this was aimed at getting them into an Ivy League school and then on to Wall Street or some big law firm.

One day my husband and I went to a movie called “The Race to Nowhere,” which is about the relentless, high expectations of our children, which can lead to serious medical conditions.  Fourth graders were interviewed and discussed their ulcers and countless hours of homework.

I broke into tears at the end when I learned that the film was dedicated to a young girl who had taken her life as a result of the constant pressures she felt.

Not long after watching that film, we decided to turn a struggle into fun by packing up our kids and pets and some of our belongings and move out West to shake things up a little. We ended up in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Here I remind myself to integrate just a little FUN into EVERY day, no matter how much work, chores, to-dos or just life-crap I have to put up with! ?

And by the way, I had to learn how to SKI!

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