Viva the Cause of Healthy Food for All

¡Mira- es un Arco Iris!

Do you see the rainbow of fruits and veggies that the kiddos are eating?  

Fruits and veggies provide all the goodies from Mother Nature to keep those young bodies healthy and strong.

Yet 91% of kids do NOT get the daily requirement of veggies.

Aye carumba.

Enter Nurture,  a nonprofit aimed at providing healthy and fun eating options even when time, money, and “cooking know-how” are in short supply.  I get it.  I once held three jobs myself.  It is hard to have this kind of schedule AND shop and feed a family in a healthy way.

We’ve been able to help tens of thousands of people learn how to cook and enjoy healthy and low-cost meals. 

Our materials are available in both Spanish and English. With programming in place for 15 years we’ve served young children, teen moms, prenatal and postnatal moms, and children and families in schools and non-school settings. 

Nurture is set up to provide grassroots efforts around nutrition and health for families in need. 

I like to think about giving back in terms of “time, talent, and treasure”. Time and talent have to do with the expertise you can bring to a solution and how you can volunteer to help a cause. Treasure is an important donation we can make to support causes. 

We are always looking for helpers at Nurture as we collaborate with food pantries, social service agencies, and schools. Whether you are a designer, entrepreneur, videographer, educator, lawyer, or banker, we likely have a role for you. 

My intentions for 2023 are to revive the programming that was once so strong in the Chicagoland area.

I’d also love to set up a Nurture chapter in Puerto Rico! (Yay!).

If you are reading this and know anyone that would like to get involved in the cause, please have them (maybe it’s you!?) reach out to us

Here’s to 2023 with more health and happiness for all.

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