Wellness in the Time of COVID19 on The Jen Weigel Show

I was recently on The Jen Weigel show, a fast-growing radio talk show broadcasting from downtown Chicago.

Jen pulled together quite a group of experts to discuss how we can maintain and grow wellness even as we face a global pandemic.

The other guests on the show (Dr. Elaine Ferguson and Dr. Jay Kumar) had such interesting advice that I wanted to share it with you here.

The interview was recorded so that you can listen to all of the health and wellness tips on your next walk in nature.

I’ve also summarized the “fun nuggets” from each guest with key takeaways you can apply to your own wellness journey during this worldwide pandemic:

Dr. Elaine Ferguson, author of “Super Healing”

– Our bodies are designed – especially the immune system – to ward off the infection when it’s properly functioning. A healthy immune system is our best health insurance at any moment

– Take care of yourself – get good sleep, eat well, laugh when you can, take probiotics, exercise

– Gut health is connected to overall health and well-being. Our intestinal tract needs healthy bacteria to function normally. which can be gained from healthy foods that we eat. alternatively, toxic bacteria from unhealthy foods can lead to many conditions, including depression

– Supplements can be beneficial, such as theanine (for stress), high dose Vitamin C (for immune system support), and melatonin (for sleep)

Check out Dr. Elaine’s website and book here

Dr. Jay Kumar, Science of a Happy Brain

– Feeling mad at everything is a normal reaction to the pandemic, as well as feelings of grief, fear, and anxiety

– Our survival brain abhors change, uncertainty, and situations where we are not in control

– “Learn to be adaptive, not reactive”

– Establish regularity to “be adaptive, not reactive”

– Learn how to be more adaptive in your mental behavior – am I angry at something that is in my control?  How do I respond? Can I adjust and adapt to a situation?

– Don’t try to think too far into the future – focus on today and tomorrow

– Control when you consume media information

– Do more LSD – Laughing, Singing, and Dancing!

– Music triggers memories – keep this in mind when choosing music that uplifts you

– Humming can put your brain in the happiness zone

Check out Dr. Jay Kumar’s website here

Dr. Kathryn Guylay

– It’s work to turn off our thoughts each day, especially negative. Be more conscious and aware of your thoughts, and practice meditation

– Just say no. Make a list of what you will say “no” to before you say “yes” to anything else

– Avoid people, situations, and stories that stress you out. Avoid comment sections and debates online

– Give up pointless arguments (whether online or in-person). Think: “I’d rather be happy and healthy than to be right”

– For every negative thing you say, say three (to six!) positive things

– Limit the to-do list overall. Stop, hit pause, and give yourself more space


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