How to Raise the Happiest Kid You Know

If you have kids in your life, how do you feel when they’re suffering? 



Powerless because so much is out of your hands?


If any of these answers resonate, you’re not alone. This is what I’ve been hearing from hundreds of parents.

We’re in the midst of a triple pandemic —
– one caused by a virus
– one that I’ve been working on for over a decade and that is nutritionally related health issues,
– and the final one -caused by stress.

We don’t have all the answers here, but I’m thrilled to know that there are amazing people working on all of the above.

When it comes to STRESS, I have an amazing friend to thank, Emily Fletcher, who has been able to work magic on the stress levels of so many people through her program Ziva Meditation.   I did her 15 days online Ziva meditation last fall, and it was an amazing process of up-leveling the human system.

I then gave my hubby her online program as a holiday gift, and I’ve seen the most amazing shifts in him since diving into her stress-reduction practice.

But what about KIDS??

They are stressed too.  I have teens, but Emily has a little one at home. These kiddos are missing out on the social time of school, the connection time with relatives.

These kiddos have a stress pandemic of their own

Sounds depressing, but there are answers!  (Thanks to Emily).

She has been working her Zen-butt off to bring together the most amazing stress reduction program for kids.

It kicks off with an event (February 23, 2021 at 1 pm EST) called How to Raise the Happiest Kid You Know.

This event is a one-time free event to help you manage stress and cultivate joy in your family. 

It’s the beginning of what I believe to be a huge movement in the world of meditation, mindfulness, and kids. Emily has teamed up with the likes of Sesame Street, Dr. Mark Hyman, and supreme Broadway talent to create a new program called Ziva Kids.

If you have kiddos, I hope you will learn more.  

And cute overlap fact:  We at Make Everything Fun created a bunny character (Sammy) to inspire kids to eat healthy and whole foods from Mother Earth.  Emily’s Ziva Kids character is ALSO a bunny-  Z bunny.  So there must be something magical about kids and bunnies and a better world.  And Easter is right around the corner!

Be well.


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